The “it’s not important” take is quite an interesting opinion. The Covid origin story is fundamental to understanding the sort of world we’re living in, and to how power, science, the media, and governments operate.

Are we living in a world where organic threats are all around and our expert class is all that stands between us and a parade of horribles, while the media works tirelessly with these experts to keep us informed about these dangers and how to protect ourselves and our families?

Or are we living in a world where our “experts,” through a combination of hubris and greed, are putting us all in danger, and the government and media work tirelessly to silence dissent, cover up misdeeds, and advance powerful interests at public expense?

Obviously I’m painting with a broad brush and we’re not living wholly within either of these extremes. But the Covid origin story is a powerful case study to keep in mind while trying to sense-make going forward. I suppose it’s not important if sense-making around world events is not important to you. But then what are you doing on Substack?

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I might say I don't care about the actual origin too... for different reasons than David's first interlocutor.

The situation is this... Many in the establishment took crazy risks that might have resulted in millions of deaths, and then denied denied denied. If it turns out that it was a lab leak, or if it turns out it was a wild strain, we're in the same boat; we have a lot of scientists taking crazy risks that may result in a lot of harm.

If someone takes a gun and starts firing it into the air, I care less about whether a stray bullet has already hit someone, than I care about stopping the maverick gunslinger.

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In their defense: I think of all the political and emotional heat that was generated by the possibility it was a lab leak, and feel it pale in comparison to what might happen if it was conclusively and officially stated that it was a lab leak. [EDIT: Unless everyone agreed]

That would have been something I would have pondered had I been a “world leader “ of some kind at the time… that it would be like kicking over the card table in a saloon

It’s probably going to turn into a fight anyway but..

It’s not an easy call. The world seems very nervous at the moment.

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